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DISCLAIMER: As mentioned on my other web sites and pages, I do not espouse to all of the beliefs expressed on the reciprocal links I have provided here. My web sites are a venture into the pros and cons of diverse aspects of religious beliefs. I leave it completely up to each individual to decide what is truth and what is not. I am also not responsible for any cost or donation purchases that are made through these links. These reciprocal links are purely for educational and research purpose only. Please view these links at your own discretion.

Webmasters Note: I do not believe the "Deity of Jesus Christ, Holy Trinity (trimurti, triad, triune), Jesus is God (Yahshua is Yahweh)" and that Yahshua "pre-existed" and was a "co-creator" with Father Yahweh in the beginning. Yahshua is a "begotten son", not "eternal son".  "Eternal son", "co-creator",  and "pre-existence" are but mere doctrines of men and unscriptural.

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 [ARCHIVED] (DEBATE) The Bible Does NOT say that Jesus is Almighty God in the flesh.

Jehovah's Witnesses and the Jews


Corrupted Planet
The Jews are our misfortune 

The Origins of the People Called Jews - In the future the Jews of today will no longer be known as "YEHOVAH's chosen people," but as the accursed people of Edom and Khazaria, those who absolutely refuse to have the God of Jacob rule over them, those who hate the God who "stole" the birthright from their father Esau thousands of years ago. They will never forgive YEHOVAH God for doing that to them, and they would rather die than acknowledge Him as their King and Yeshua as the Messiah. by HOIM Staff http://www.hope-of-israel.org/peoplecalledJews.html

An article I wrote to give 16 reasons why Yəhusha is not Yəhwah.

Jesus is not God Almighty Who Is The Real Jesus?

Yahshua's Deity

The Son of Yahweh

Restoration Light Bible Study Services
Biblical Studies on Many Topics

Moses, A God To Pharaoh

By Ben Parziale

Netzarim Restored 'Nazarene Jews' Of Israel

Discover the Authentic, Historical Pharisee-Ribi Yehoshua

Is IEUESHUO "God"?, IEUESHUO is Not the Great I Am, The Non Pre-Existent Son, Who IEUESHUO E MaSHICH Is
By Jane E. Marchant
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"YAHSHUA MESSIAH ... was brought into existence at the time He was conceived in Mary."

The Idea of Pre-existence in the Fourth Gospel R.H. Strachan

Was a pre-existent Jesus the God of the Old Testament?

From Messiah To Preexistent Son
Jesus' Self-Consciousness and Early Christian Exegesis of Messianic Psalms



Bible Church of God Columbus, Ohio Christian Fellowship

The Origins of Christianity and the Bible By Andrew D. Benson

Christianity-General What the Bible Really Teaches About Christianity


My Xanga Blog

God is 1 not 3


Yahshua Messiah IS NOT Almighty Yahweh

Torah of Messiah Yahshua The Faith of and in Messiah Yahshua (Jesus Christ)

Church of God - Faith Of Abraham - Cashmere, Washington. USA


"If the Father begat His son, he that was begotten had a beginning of existence: and from this it is evident, that there was a time when the son was not. It therefore necessarily follows, that he had his substance from nothing." - Arius


Did Yahshua Deny Being Yahweh?

If I AM standing in front of the building where I work, and a fellow employee unknowingly asked me, "Is this your building, do you own this building?" Then I reply, "This building is NOT MY OWN, but it belongs to the ONE WHO EMPLOYS ME." This would clarify to the person asking that I AM NOT THE OWNER, I AM just one of the workers.


If  I AM at a gathering of people in a friend's house, and a fellow guest unknowningly asked me, "Is this your house?" I would reply, "This is not my house, but it is the house of  the ONE WHO INVITED ME." This would clarify to the fellow guest that I AM NOT THE OWNER of the house.

Did Yahshua make such statements as to His status, the words, the will, the power, and the knowledge he used?


Then Yahshua said to him, "Why call me righteous? There is only One Who is the standard of perfection, and [that is] Yahweh." (Yahchanan Mark [Mark] 10:18)

But I do not seek my own esteem (glory); there is One Who seeks it and He judges. (Yahchanan [John] 8:50)


Yahshua answered them and said, "My teaching is not mine, but His Who sent me." (Yahchanan [John] 7:16)

"He who does not love me does not keep my sayings. Now, the word which you hear is not mine, but the Father's Who sent me." (Yahchanan [John] 14:24)

"For I have not spoken on my own authority, but the Father Who sent me gave me the commandments - what I should say and what I should speak." (Yahchanan [John] 12:49)


Yahshua said to them, "My food is to do the will of Him Who sent me, and to acomplish His work." (Yahchanan [John] 4:34)

"Because I have come down out of Yahweh, not to do my own will, but the will of Him Who sent me." (Yahchanan [John] 6:38)

Yahshua knelt down in communication (prayer) to Father Yahweh in Heaven saying, "Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but Yours be done. (Luke 22:42)


"I CAN OF MY OWN SELF DO NOTHING: as I hear, I judge. And my judgement is just; because I do not seek my own will, but the will of the Father Who has sent me." (Yahchanan [John] 5:30)

Yahshua said to them, "If Yahweh were your Father, you would love me; for I am come forth out of Yahweh, and am here. And I am not come of myself, but He has sent me. (Yahchanan [John] 8:42)


But of that time and hour no one knows, not even the messengers in heaven, NOR THE SON, but ONLY FATHER YAHWEH . (Mark 13:32 & Mattithyah [Matthew] 24:36)

So Yahshua answered them, "My teaching is not mine, but His Who sent me." (Yahchanan [John] 7:16)


Some Christians (not all), claim that Yahshua ("Jesus") IMPLIED that he was Father Yahweh. From the above verses, we see that Yahshua denied being Father Yahweh. This now leaves the Christian that proclaim that Father Yahweh and His son Yahshua are 'one AND THE SAME BEING', to provide ONE SINGLE VERSE in their so called "Holy Bible" where Yahshua says, 'I am Yahweh'. There is no such verse! We see from the many quotes above, that the HOUSE or BUILDING did not belong to Father Yahweh's son Yahshua, but to Father Yahweh Who sent His son Yahshua.

Below you will find links to web sites that do not espouse to the belief that Yahweh and Yahshua are "one AND THE SAME BEING" as many deceptively teach. You will also find links to other web sites with diverse beliefs on who Yahshua ["Jesus"] is.


I and [My] Father are one [in accord]. (Yahchanan [John] 10:30)

Yahshua did NOT say that he and Father Yahweh were "one AND THE SAME BEING". Many teachers add the words "AND THE SAME BEING" decieving many to believe that this is what Yahshua meant when he said that he and Father Yahweh were one. We are not to add to Yahweh's word! (Revelation 22:18)

...that they may be one AS WE [ARE]. (Yahchanan [John] 17:11; also cf. verses. 21-26, 11:52)

 We ourselves can become one with Father Yahweh and His son Yahshua just as they are one. This does not make us Father Yahweh, His son Yahshua, "God" or some part of a 'godhead'.

Yet to us [there is only] One Authority, the Father, from Whom all things came and for Whom we live. And there is but one King, Yahshua Messiah, on whose account [are] all things, and on whose account we live (I Corinthians 8:6).


[ARCHIVED] Yahweh the Father, the Only True God! By Phil Maxwell

Two Witneses US

Is Yahshua "The Light"?" (Part 1) by J. Dean

(Part 2)

What About The Alpha and Omega? by J. Dean

 The Everlasting Good News Of Yahweh

 Who is the Creator?

Yahshua Messiah [ARCHIVED]



"YHVH's "Anointed (Messiah)" never existed prior to his physical birth, except as a "Planned Child of G_d." But "The Messiah" was "Spiritually Conceived" (in The Mind or "Spiritual Womb" of YHVH), and thus did pre-exist, but only as a "Planned Child" prior to his physical birth. This "Planned Concept" is the "Hebrew Mind Set" on pre-existence, and does not mean that The Messiah had a conscious or godly existence prior to his physical birth; because that concept on pre-existence is the pagan polytheistic 'Mind Set'. Simply stated, "Only YHVH is Eternal or Self-existent, and IF YHVH were to suddenly cease to exist [die] (impossible, but IF), then all of creation including angels, demons, mankind, the universe and "The Messiah" would also cease to exist." Therefore, as a Servant of The Order of Melchisedec, I say to you and to the world that "The Messiah" is NOT G_d, God, god or self-existent nor can he exist separately or even pre-exist in "The Mind of YHVH" (Haggios Pneuma) without YHVH choosing it to be so."

 YHWH the Father, the Only Eternal One By John Zecca

Hear, O Israel - YHWH is One! By Mike Mastropaolo

TWO YAHWEH'S?  "Yahweh Rained Fire From Yahweh" (Genesis 19:24)

Did Our Saviour Pre-exist?

Did Jesus Pre-Exist?

Jesus Did Not Pre-Exist

Jesus Christ Did Not Pre-exist!


Link 1.  http://www2.bibelcenter.de/bibliothek/bland/1god4.html

Link 2. http://www.resurrectionhope.org/jesuspre.htm

Link 3. http://www.mindspring.com/~anthonybuzzard/jesus.htm

Link 4. http://www.mindspring.com/~anthonybuzzard/preexist.htm

Link 5. http://cdelph.org/jesus.html

The Historic Translation Of John 1:3-4

Logos: The Beginning Of The Creation of God

Is Yahshua Yahweh? by Bryn Hendrixson

Is Yahshua The Son Of God Or Is He Not?

NCCI - The Trinity

Hear O`Israel, 21k     Hear O`Israel    (PDF),  27k 
An examination of what the bible teaches concerning Yahweh being one yet having a triune mode of manifestation and existence.

Is Jesus God?

Refuting the Trinity and/or deity of Messiah

Is Jesus God?

[ARCHIVED] Was Jesus God? (- Before His Human Birth?
Or was he a CREATED Being like the angels?
Part One) ([ARCHIVED] Part Two)

Jesus - God & Man?


Can A Spirit Being Die?

Who Says Christ Is God? - A Refute

The Pure Psychology Of Salvation

The Roman Empire Under Constantine

'My Lord And My God'

"In the beginning was the word ..."?

Next two links are excerpts from  'The Book of Yahweh - The Holy Scriptures' published by the House of Yahweh - Abilene, Texas

[ARCHIVED In the beginning was the plan ...

[ARCHIVED] In the beginning Yahweh created the heavens and the earth.


Common Creeds by Ted Sims

The Council of Nicea                                                       

The Trinity - Christian Apolgetics and Research Ministry 

Also see my "Trinity Links" web page.


Yahshua is obviously not "The Great I Am!" since Yahshua said "My Father is GREATER {referring to his and our Father Yahweh} than I {referring to himself - Note that the New International Standard Version (2008), GOD'S WORD Translation (1995), and the Weymouth New Testament says here "I am"} (Yahchanan [John] 14:28).

When the Messiah said "I and my Father are one." he was not saying that he was the Father. Note that he communicated (prayed) his desire to the Father "... that they be one, EVEN AS WE ARE ONE." (John 17:22)

Father Yahweh did not die for your disobedience of His Teaching (Torah, Law). It was His son Yahshua who died.

The voice that came out of the cloud at Yahshua's tranfiguration DID NOT SAY, 'This is I, and I am very well pleased with Myself, hear you Me.' (Matthew 17:1-9, Mark 9:2-8, Luke 9:28-36; and at his immersion ["baptism"] Yahchanan Mark 1:9-11).

Yahshua did NOT say that he and Father Yahweh were "one and the same". He said that they were "one" and that we also could be "one" with Father Yahweh just as they are "one".

He who overcomes the world believes that Yahshua is the son of Yahweh, NOT "Jesus is God".

Yahshua told them, "... I have not come on my own accord, but He [Father Yahweh] sent me."

Yahshua said this any many other things that proves that he is not his Father Yahweh.

The above disputations in accordance with Scripture where we are to get our doctrine for reproof and correction and instruction in righteousness clearly shows that Father Yahweh is not His son Yahshua.
Also See My "Something Fishy" Web Page




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