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Immersion, Mikwah (Mikvah, Mikveh), Baptism


DISCLAIMER: As mentioned on my other web sites and pages, I do not espouse to all of the beliefs expressed on the reciprocal links I have provided here. My web sites are a venture into the pros and cons of diverse aspects of religious beliefs. I leave it completely up to each individual to decide what is truth and what is not. I am also not responsible for any cost or donation purchases that are made through these links. These reciprocal links are purely for educational and research purpose only. Please view these links at your own discretion.

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A NEW LOOK At Baptism How should "baptism" be administered? How should it be performed? The Greek word for baptism, baptizo, means "to make whelmed," or "fully wet." It means, literally, "to dip repeatedly, to immerse, submerge." How should this be done? Should you be "re-baptized"?

Baptismal Account

Mikveh - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Professions of Faith Extracted from Jews on Baptism

[DOC] Mikyah
How can we become clear before Elohim?
How can we daily be cleansed?
October 28, 2011

[PDF] Why be baptize into the name of Yahshua?

[PDF] What is meant by Baptism and in which name?

Did Ebionites Use Water as a Sacrament?

Are They The Same Thing?
Beit Emet Congregation ~ Vancouver, WA
Ben Ehrhardt, Shamash


Introduction to the book TOTAL IMMERSION by Rivkah Slonim


The Mikveh

Cave of John the Baptist?

Hebraic Heritage International

Baptism Yahweh's Way


The Jewish Background of Christian Baptism

A Biblical Summary on Correct Baptism   http://assemblyoftrueisrael.com/Documents/CorrectBaptism.html

Do You Want the Baptism With Fire?   http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/sdcuk/fire.htm

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    Passover - Sacrifice and Baptism by John D. Garr, Ph.D  http://www.restoremagazine.org/volume_4/4217.htm

    Baptism  http://www.modestapparelchristianclothinglydiaofpurpledressescustomsewing.com/baptism.htm

  • The Apostate Catholic Lie Of Baptism In The Titles Father Son And Of The Holy Ghost

    The Pope Changed Immersion (Baptism)

    1. They acknowledge that the original formula for baptism was in the Name of the Savior, but the Pope changed it." Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913 edition, volume 2, page 256.

    2. "The baptismal formula was changed from the Name of the Savior, to the words Father, Son and Holy Ghost  by the Catholic church in the second century." Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, volume 3, pages 365-366.

    3. "The early Church always immersed in the Name of the Savior, until the development of the trinity doctrine in the second century." Canney Encyclopedia of Religion, page 53.

    4. "The Christian baptism was administered using the Name of the Savior. The use of the Trinitarian formula of any sort was not suggested in the early church history. Baptism was always in the Name of the Savior." Hastings Encyclopedia of Religion, volume 2, pages 377-379.

    5. "Moreover, there is no mention in the New Testament of any one being immersed into the name of the trinity." Dictionary of the Bible, by Hastings, volume 1, page 242, 1906 edition.

    6. "The term 'trinity' was originated by Tertullian, a Roman Catholic church father." New International Encyclopedia, volume 22, page 477.

    7. "The New Testament knows only one baptism in the Name of the Messiah, which still occurs even in the second and third century." Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, volume 1, page 435, 1906 edition.

    8. "The formula used was in the Name of the Savior. There is no evidence for the use of the trinity name." Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, volume 2, page 384, 1958 edition.

    9. "With the early disciples, generally, baptism was in the Name of the Messiah." A History of the Christian Church by Williston Walker, page 87, 1959 edition.

    10. Under Formula: "In the name of Jesus Christ or of the Lord Jesus. The former expression is used in Acts 2:38 and 10:48. The latter is used in Acts 8:16 and 19:5. See also Acts 22:16... From these passages, and from Paul's words in the 1st Corinthians 1:13 ('Was Paul crucified for you, or were ye baptized in the name of Paul?), it is natural to conclude that baptism was administered in the earliest times 'in the name of Jesus Christ', or that 'of the Lord Jesus.' This view is confirmed by the fact that the earliest forms of the baptismal confession appear to have been single--not triple, as was the later creed."   Encyclopedia Biblica, volume 1, page 473, 1899 edition.

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